Chilean playwright, translator, and stage director based in Belfast, with work produced throughout South America and Europe. Her following plays: Siamese Twins, Subsidized Private, Andes Stalls, Jonathan’s Gospel, Ye Katherina, Nusta Huillac, and The green room. Have been premiered throughout Chile, Argentina, Spain and Ireland. 
Additionally, Siamese Twins Has been awarded by the 10th version of the new director’s theatre festival of Universidad de Chile, also Ye Katherina was premiered in the 1st new Chilean Playwright Festival organized by Chilean Embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Her comprehensive training covers different artistic fields, which have in common stage expression. Developing her career from playwriting to performance devising, in order to promote representational process between spectator, artist, playwright and director.


Ph. D. candidate. Queen's University Belfast

Translation for the Stage

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Stage direction and translation

Since 2019 I have been based in Belfast. Developing a research project related to translation for the stage, and psychophysical training methodologies with actors. 
Some of the practices of my work have been showed at the Brian Friel Theatre.
Additionally, my practice as stage director has been broadcasted at the 'No Touching Theatre Festival' on the 2020. 
I am also member of Mexican Ballet Belfast, an Intercultural Dance group.